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Carve Social

We apply our ten + years of experience as industry leaders to help organisations, get social for the right reasons, in the right way, with the right results. We have worked for many global organisations and now occupy a riverside office space in Wapping, London.


Most businesses think they get social media. They don’t. We enable them to transform their understanding and use of social media.

A decade at the forefront of social media means we know what works, what doesn’t and what’s next. Which is why world-leading and pioneering companies trust Carve to help them #GetSocial.

ACE eSport

ACE eSport

ACE eSport was born from the meeting of 3 people, a top athlete from a traditional sport, a passionate and athlete from Esport and a specialist of innovative and performance oriented sportswear.

Despite a significant development of the competitive gaming scene, a constant evolution of the Esport’s athletes needs, the clothing’s offer remained very basic and no innovation was really brought. All these elements led us to imagine and create products 100 % designed for the eSport with a clear objective: to help the digital athletes to perform at their highest level. Beyond the innovation which is at the heart of our project, we claim a specific style just like our state of mind: innovative – bold – modernized. ​ If you want to know more about ACE , get in touch now!


Vi layer

We have spent years developing and working with providers on building our unique infrastructure to make sure you get the service you expect. Everything from the core location to the hardware we use has been carefully selected to ensure reliability and performance. Our control panels differ from service to service however they are all in-house developed to bring you the control that you require. Even control panels such as TcadminV2 has been completed changed and operates far different from the standard “off the shelf” product.



Créée en 2013, la communauté MER IL ET FOU regroupait une vingtaine de joueurs cherchant à partager des moments de jeu sur Counter-Strike : Source dans un cercle relativement privé et restreint. C’est en fin d’année 2014 que la communauté s’est étendue au grand public et que nous avons pour cela apporté différents serveurs d’entrainement pour le jeu Counter-Strike : Global Offensive. Un panel de statistiques permettant une analyse concrète du jeu individuel, couplé à des serveurs optimisés pour une progression efficace de tout joueur, là est la recette proposée par notre équipe. Désormais, MER IL ET FOU est une association loi 1901 à but non lucratif. Notre site apporte une personnalisation et un affichage complet des performances individuelles, ce qui nous permet de fournir bien plus que de simples serveurs de jeu.

Redbloods Esport