Redblood CS:GO Achievements

Redbloods is a professional StarCraft II team based in EU, created on 3 august 2014. The CS:GO division is new compared to the sc2 Division Achievements.

We are looking forward for to create a strong competive roster for future events. Below you can find latest CS:Go achievements. :: Liste des matchs de l’équipe RedBloods
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Insalan 13 februari 2018

Victory for Team Redbloods CS:GO Division

ESEA Season 26: Open Division – France


  • 33 teams, with 16 games for each.
  • Each round has a predetermined map

Result: 7th Place $110 price.




The ex-PGT Gaming team faces Redbloods | ESPORT NOW
This is one of the teams appearing in the quarterfinals of GEFORCE CUP. 

This team, still under the flag of PGT Gaming, performed in GEFORCE CUP # 2, where they won with DgPx (then exec.) And bought a place in the quarterfinals of this tournament.
Now we find out that this team is changing the name and the sponsor. It is a French organization, known mainly from the scene of Starcraft 2, and this composition becomes their main division CS: GO. Ex-PGT Gaming’s successes in the Polish “yard” drew the attention of the French. Team Redbloods players:

Gabriel “gaB” Jaroszuk
Piotr “PeTeR” Wielgórski
Michał “mafros” Gorzak
Wojtek “PieniX” Pieńkowski
Piotr “p1xa” Wojtysiak
Manager: Krzysiek “KXN” Szymczak

Team Redbloods will face today at 20:00 in the quarterfinal GEFORCE CUP with noMERCY HyperX. The team that wins will get to the semi-finals of the tournament. They will take place offline during the ESPORT NOW 2016 event, on 28-29 May at the Hala Stulecia in Wrocław. Reference

Offline Events

Below you can see the Recent Offline events we participated

Team RedBloods vs Rainbow Butt Monkeys
Redbloods Esport